Reiki for burns

After a long blog hiatus, I’m reposting this from 2011. I’ve had more chances to use Reiki as first aid for minor burns since then with myself and others and it has been reliable.

The key seems to be to use Reiki soon after the burn happens. It may also help to do it a few times over the course of an hour or two.  In some cases with a burn, a blister forms immediately, but the heat and injured feeling of the burn are relieved and then the blister goes away over time naturally.

When I work with burns, I use the three Usui Reiki symbols from Reiki 2 & a master symbol. My master symbol is now Holy Fire, but I used the Usui master symbol in the past. I wouldn’t hesitate to try it even if I was a Reiki I practitioner and wasn’t using symbols yet.

Please note that I am not suggesting that if you or someone you know gets a serious burn, you should do Reiki instead of first aid. Always use first aid or medical treatment when it’s called for. I almost always run cold water over minor burns before I start doing Reiki. For serious burns, I would try Reiki on the way to the emergency room.

Based on  my anecdotal evidence–which is unlikely to be substantiated by medical research anytime soon, since I can’t imagine someone sticking people’s hands in flames just to see if Reiki works–Reiki has the potential to reduce the severity of injury from a burn, with no side effects other than the temporary burn-y feeling I describe below, when the Reiki is applied soon after the burn, . So it makes sense to consider using Reiki along with other treatments.


Here’s a cool thing (so to speak) I’ve found about Reiki–It seems to quell the heat of minor burns. I’ve had a few occasions to try it out on myself and a neighbor in the last few months. The most dramatic was on on Thanksgiving weekend as  I was making gravy using homemade chicken stock, which was nice and full of fat. As I was pouring the just-boiled stock into a cup, some if it splashed on my hand.

Yikes! Hot grease, exposed skin–not a good feeling. I got my hand under cold water right away, but even after a few minutes of that, it still had that rubbed raw feeling of a burn and was red and sensitive to touch and heat. So I tried Reiki…

The immediate sensation was soothing, but then my hand started to feel hot. I mean B-U-R-N. I almost stopped the Reiki, but decided to see what would happen if I kept going.

I was having the sensation that heat was rising from my hand and dispersing into the air. That continued for a short while and then I felt the pulsing that signals the end of an energy cycle for me.

When I checked, my burned hand was still red, but the sting was gone. There was a tiny bit of sensitivity, but it disappeared within 15 or 20 minutes. By the next day, I’d forgotten that I burned my hand. No blister, no redness, no tenderness, nothing. Only healthy skin.

I’ve used it once since then on a more minor burn and had a very similar experience, with a strong burning sensation that seems to draw heat up and out of the burn spot. My neighbor also reported that heat when I tried it on her. I didn’t finish the cycle that time because I wasn’t sure what was happening when she said it was really burning. However, she didn’t develop a blister.

Now that I’ve been my own guinea pig, I would tell her upfront what to expect and encourage her to stick out the temporary discomfort.

Have you had an experience of Reiki as first aid for burns or other minor injuries? I would love to hear stories about that.

Take care of yourself this week–


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