Dealing with the U.S. Election – Reiki Style

The election has really stirred things up for a lot of people. Big change is happening, whether we feel ready or not. It’s a moment where we can choose–react or respond. Do we REACT from our triggers or RESPOND from our truth? What is our truth anyway? And how do we do that?

Here’s a bit of wisdom from William Rand, President of the International Center for Reiki Training. In short,

  • Use Reiki to help us heal unresolved emotional distress in us that has been stirred up
  • Send Reiki blessings to the current situation and everyone in the U.S.
  • Practice forgiveness–not as in condoning, but releasing condemnation
  • Gather with Reiki people in our area to support one another and our country with Reiki

William reminds us that we have the power to help our country heal now when it’s much needed.  I’m on board.

Reiki invites us into a different way to live. It supports us in taking action from a place of clarity, healthy compassion for ourselves and others, and the highest healing and highest good of all. It allows us to trust that we can do that even when it’s not obvious to us how what’s happening could possibly serve a higher purpose.

Reiki helps us be response-able. When we’re response-able, we can see choices about our actions. We can be more creative and resourceful. We move toward what we’re “for,” rather than revolving around and energizing what we’re “against”.

It sounds like sanity to me.


Many Reiki blessings to us all.




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