If we turned up the volume on our resources now, what could we accomplish?

Less than a week after the election, six energy workers gathered with me in south Eugene for Energy Playground. It was comforting to be together and inspiring to see each person’s radiance shining through at our closing circle. I left confident that we can–and will–continue to bring light and love into the world.

I asked each person to share one thing that had inspired them or given them hope in the past week, one reminder of their vision for the world they want to live in. One by one, they spoke of personal healing, empowerment, mutual respect between men and women.

We need to hear this from each other now. We need to “turn up the volume on our resources” (a phrase I love that was offered to me by my therapist this year).

On Being recently featured an interview with the late Vincent Harding, a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement and a theologian. He talked about how people in the 60s sang themselves to freedom. One of the favorite songs was “This Little Light of Mine.”

It meant that instead of reacting to the dogs and the fire hoses and the beatings from a place of fear, anger or violence, the young people in the movement were choosing to respond from a place of their strongest light.

This is our calling now too and it is doable

I was inspired last week by one of the women in my PWNO networking group who has been motivated since the election to create a coloring book for girls ages 5-10 entitled “My Body My Power My Voice” and to offer it at cost on Amazon. She is using her capacity as an early childhood educator in support of her vision.

What can you do now in support of your vision? I invite you into curiosity about your capacity to contribute.

What would be pleasurable, fun, rewarding, satisfying, nurturing for you as a contribution? Can you bless, pray, reach out, connect, support, heal, learn, turn a corner, let go of something that’s no longer needed, create, birth, build, envision, redirect energy into your dream?

I invite you to let your curiosity about this be an antidote to fear and hopelessness.

It makes me wonder…If we took all the energy that has been generated since the election and put it into the service of our positive visions, what could we be doing?

What might we accomplish if we collectively “Start Close In” on big, daunting problems—like social issues that have been raised for many by the presidential election?

As Parker Palmer, Quaker elder and founder of the Center for Courage and Renewal, writes, he has decided to go cold turkey on ranting and raving about the election and reinvest that energy in “face-to-face forms of solidarity with people…”. He calls it a more life-giving way forward.

We are so blessed to have Divine energy to support us in moving forward. We are also blessed to have one another. I echo Palmer in saying there’s much to be grateful for (and gratitude is a supremely good way of turning up our resources).

We need to gather with our Reiki/energy healing people–or our healing community, whatever that looks like–at this time to send blessings to our nation, to heal, to fellowship in gratitude, to feed our highest visions and to fortify ourselves for inspired action.

Many Reiki blessings to us all.


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