Dorothy Wohlslagel – Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Health Coach, explorer

I was born with a strong healing instinct, a spiritual core and a desire for wholeness. Emerging from a childhood colored by violence and trauma, I have been actively working on my healing and spiritual growth since the age of 20. Navigating the waters of a chronic condition, a breast cancer process and trauma recovery has given me an immersion course in the healing process. I am inspired to share healing methods that I have found truly helpful and to hold a space for healing for many people.

My work is informed by my fascination with our health stories and all that underlies our symptoms and conditions. A focus in my practice is on helping my clients get at the root cause of their issues and heal from the ground up. I bring together a knowledge of holistic health and functional medicine, intuitive insight into physical and emotional issues and body-based and mindfulness practices to support healing at the deepest levels.

Energy medicine is a central part of what I do because it is one of the most accessible, versatile and effective modalities available. I have seen deep healing for myself and others with it.

Reiki became part of my journey after receiving a powerful Reiki session from a friend who later became my teacher.  Prior to that, I enjoyed sensing energy, connecting with the spiritual realm, and receiving intuitive information, but for years I didn’t know what to do with these gifts other than pursue spiritual practice and amuse myself.

The day I received my Reiki I attunement in 2007, I realized I now had the ability to do something to ease suffering in the world. It was a life-changing moment.

I have studied and practiced energy healing since then with various teachers in the U.S.  I am a certified Holy Fire II Reiki Master/Teacher, a Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master, and an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master/Instructor. I am a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and the Northwest Reiki Association.

I have a regular practice of self-healing that includes Holy Fire Reiki and qi gong and have used them to help me in healing from childhood trauma, breast cancer surgery and adrenal burnout. I also receive energy healing sessions from other practitioners and take trainings that continue to open me as a channel for spiritual energy.

Seeking a better understanding of the root causes of health issues, I completed a health coaching certification in 2013 with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. While my training had a nutritional bent, it emphasized  the many dimensions of wellness, including the emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social and vocational, which it rightly called “Primary Food.” I have experience with many holistic approaches that support optimal health and enjoy consulting with individuals to help them choose modalities, practices and practitioners who can support their healing.

I have years of experience with practices such as yoga, dance, movement, and qi gong, as well as nature healing, meditation and mindfulness, guided imagery,  somatic awareness/Focusing and the arts. I have also immersed myself in trauma healing practices from Somatic Experiencing and bring this into my work as well.

My job as a facilitator of healing and growth is to meet you where you are at this moment and to hold a space in which you can create radical healing and well-being for yourself (radical meaning “from the root”). My vision is to empower people to heal themselves and others for the expression of their truest and most joyous self. I feel blessed to share the the gift of this work.

After two decades in Colorado and seven years in D.C., I am very happy to call Eugene home. I live on 40 acres in south Eugene with an amazing cat, two lovely land mates and lots of trees.










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