Career Coaching and Life Design

“…and you too have come

into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled

with light, and to shine.”

(From “When I Am Among the Trees” by Mary Oliver)


Career coaching and life design can help you know your light and share it with the world.

Here are some things it can help you do:

  • Get clarity about what you want
  • Hold space for your story, your dreams and your possibilities
  • Explore underlying patterns that undermine your best efforts
  • See new possibilities for yourself and develop your strengths
  • Get unstuck and take action
  • Release limiting patterns and create new, life-affirming ones
  • Learn how to hear and trust your own knowing
  • Live in a heart-centered way
  • Connect or re-connect with your spirituality and spiritual guidance

My approach is intuitive, somatic (body-based), mindfulness-based and draws on insights and tools informed by neuroscience to support you in your own wisdom and in finding a sense of direction and satisfaction. It is both spiritual and practical and holds the space for greater ease and empowerment.

Coaching sessions may include intuitive guidance, somatic work or movement, mindfulness practice, education or spiritual teaching. Energy work is used as a container and catalyst for growth and change.

Rates for sessions are $85/hour. Available as single sessions but sessions build on each other and at least 3-6 sessions are recommended. In-person or distance sessions via phone.

Payment – I accept cash, check and major credit cards. Flexible payment options available for motivated clients committing to a series of sessions.

Contact me for more info or to schedule a session at 0r 301-357-2040.