“I’ll admit, I was totally skeptical about Reiki. I didn’t really get it, and thought massage or yoga classes would be a better use of time and money. But then when I was struggling to break my aspartame addiction, a friend suggested Reiki, so I thought I would give it a shot. Dorothy was gentle, present, aware, generous, patient, accepting of me and my skepticism.  She said Reiki would do what it needed to. What I found through Dorothy’s work was profound. The energy went where it needed to, and it unlocked in a safe and supportive environment things I needed to deal with to step into the next chapter of my life.” – E.J., Washington, DC

“I experienced amazing energy flows during my sessions, and felt honored and supported by Dorothy’s presence.  She is calm, strong and has a wonderful innate ability to witness and engage with the divine.  Dorothy is by far the most powerful Reiki Master I’ve encountered–she embodies Love in a very pure way.   I recommend her highly!” – S.L., Silver Spring, MD

“I started seeing Dorothy for Reiki when I was diagnosed with lymphoma. I was extremely anxious about my impending treatment and thought Reiki would help me relax. What I experienced was so much more. Dorothy created a tranquil and safe space in which to offer her sessions. She immediately made me feel welcome and at ease. Throughout the session, Dorothy was able to sense whether I was comfortable or not and adjust her session accordingly. She was very sensitive to my capacity for energy work and how much I was able to tolerate during a given session. After each session, Dorothy provided a wonderful opportunity to share and process the experience with her – to ask questions and discuss any realizations that occurred during the treatment. Beyond feeling completely relaxed, I always left feeling nurtured and with a deep sense of well-being.” – E.G., Takoma Park, MD

“Dorothy is a gifted practitioner who is passionate about Reiki. Without being told that I had previously suffered from TMJ, her intuition during our session led her to focus on my jaw and neck among other trouble spots. Her insights about these areas were so keen, they opened my eyes to areas of my emotional being that manifested in a physical tightness in my throat and jaw. I felt refreshed and motivated after our session. It’s as if my eyes were opened more fully to ways I could face my challenges. I am inspired by her work and do not doubt that there will be future sessions.” – H.L., Silver Spring, MD